The Balik Scientist Program

Patriotism is being inculcated among Filipinos as early as childhood years. This is the same patriotism spirit Filipinos who left the country bring with them which encourages them to go back and serve our country. Through the Balik Scientist Program (BSP) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Filipino scientists, technologists, and experts are encouraged to return to the country and share their expertise in order to promote scientific, agro-industrial, and economic development, including the development of our human capital in science, technology and innovation.

In June 15, 2018, president Rodrigo R. Duterte institutionalized the program with RA 11035 "Balik Scientist Act" also known as the Balik Scientist Act. Then after three (3) months, the DOST crafted the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) and MC No. 006 of the Balik Scientist Law. The Balik Scientist Program aims to:

       1. Reverse the effect of the brain drain

       2. Strengthen S & T capabilities

       3. Accelerate flow of technologies

       4. Promote knowledge sharing

The Balik Scientist Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the rising cases of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the Balik Scientist Program implemented the Special-Order No. 0415 series of 2020 as amended by Special Order No. 0225 series of 2021 The Special Order serves as an instrument to continue the Program’s goal in creating opportunities and building stronger scientific communities without compromising the health and safety of our Balik Scientists. Specifically, the guideline provides alternative work arrangements for the short-term and medium-term Balik Scientists. Short-term engagement of 15 days to 6 months now offers arrangement of either pure-remote or a combination of remote and on-site for Balik Scientists. Such arrangement is anchored on the proposed TOR of the Balik Scientist. Balik Scientists with proposed COVID or non-COVID-related activities can now afford to be engaged remotely. On the other hand, the medium-term engagement shall be conducted purely on-site. Special Order No. 0225 also provides provisions and incentives for the on-site and remote engagement.

Application and Selection


The right to submit applications and be awarded as a Balik Scientists shall be enjoyed by:

1 Foreign-based Filipinos or foreigners of Filipino descent, with graduate/advanced degrees and internationally-recognized experts in the priority sectors of DOST, who are willing to come back and serve on a short term, medium term or long term basis
2 Expertise needed by public and private institutions


Science and Technology experts who are Filipinos, or foreigners of Filipino descent shall be encouraged to return or reside in the Philippines, and share their expertise in order to accelerate the scientific, agro-industrial and economic development of the country. If requirements are complete, the processing of application and admission to the Balik Scientist Program (BSP) may take at most one (1) month. Applications may be submitted to:

Balik Scientist Secretariat

  •    Address: DOST Building, Gen. Santos Avenue Bicutan, Taguig City Metro Manila 1631 Philippines


  1. Accomplished BSP Application Form (BSP Form 001)
  2. Accomplished Terms of Reference (BSP Form 002)
  3. Endorsement letter from the Host Institution(s)
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Copy of passport and page with stamp of the most recent date of arrival (for non-Filipino passport holders, submit proof of Filipino descent i.e., birth certificate, sworn statement)
  6. Copy of diploma or transcript of record or certificate of academic achievement(s) from a credible local or international public/private institution/association
  7. Detailed/Updated Curriculum Vitae (to include Educational Background, Field of Specialization, Areas of Research Interest, Professional/Employment/Work History including significant scientific, technological and/or entrepreneurial activities undertaken, Significant achievements (up to 3) made related to your expertise or profession, Relevant trainings, and fellowship or Grants)
  8. For subsequent visit, justification by the host institution for the subsequent engagement

How to Avail of the Service

Step Applicant Activity of the Office-in-charge Duration of Activity Office-in-charge
1 Submits the application and documentary requirements Receives, acknowledges submitted application, reviews completeness of documents relative to the application and qualification of the potential Balik Scientist/ host institution 1 working day BSP Secretariat of Concerned Council
For applications with complete documents:
  Forwards application to the technical evaluators of the concerned Council.
For applications with incomplete documents:
  Advises potential host institution/Balik Scientist to submit the lacking requirement(s);
1 working day BSP Secretariat of Concerned Council
Evaluates the application based on the documents provided including the accomplishments, outputs from previous engagement (if applicable), and the merit of the Balik Scientist’s visit if aligned with DOST priority areas;
Recommend revisions in the terms of reference (TOR) as necessary;
Solicit comments/views from other concerned Council/s, if applicable;
Within 5 working days Technical Evaluators of the Concerned Council/ Council Heads
For qualified applicants, submits recommendations to the OUSEC for R&D;
For applicants not qualified, notifies the Scientist/Host of the disapproval of the application.
1 working day BSP Secretariat of Concerned Council
Checks result of evaluation.
If the Usec for R&D agrees with the Council's recommendation, endorses the application to OSEC for final approval.
If the Usec for R&D disagrees with the recommendation of the Council, refers back the documents to the Council for re-evaluation.
Within 2 working days OUSEC for R&D
Re-evaluates the application and submits recommendations to OUSEC for R&D
Within 2 working days Concerned Council
Checks result of re-evaluation.
If the Usec for R&D agrees with the Council's recommendation, endorses the application to OSEC for final approval.
If the Usec for R&D disagrees with the recommendation of the Council, refers back the documents to the Council for disapproval.
Within 2 working days OUSEC for R&D
Approves/Disapproves application based on endorsement of the OUSEC for R&D and the concerned Council/s Within 3 working days DOST Secretary
2 Receives notification on the result of the evaluation of application

If the Secretary disapproves the application, the concerned Council informs the host institution/ scientist of the decision.

If the Secretary approves the application, the concerned Council advises the BSP Awardee to make the necessary arrangements to return to the Philippines and informs the Awardee and host institution of the Secretary's decision.

1-2 working days BSP Secretariat of Concerned Council


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