1. The qualifications of a Balik Scientist Applicant to the Program are as follows:

1.1. He/She must be in good health, physically and mentally;

1.2. He/She must be a holder of a graduate degree and must have practised his/her profession for not less than three (3) years after obtaining his/her masteral or doctorate degree and preferably working with the private sector, a reputable R & D institution and/or in the academe; and

1.3. He/She must have made an outstanding contribution in his/her field of specialization.

2. Provided, however, that a Balik Scientist Applicant with a highly specialized skill without a graduate degree may be qualified on special cases as long as his/her field of expertise must be consistent with the science and technology (S&T) priorities promulgated by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

3. A Balik Scientist Applicant categorized as New Graduate shall have the following qualifications:

3.1. He/She must be in good health, physically and mentally;

3.2. He/She must be a holder of doctorate degree; no experience required; and

3.3. His/Her field of study must be consistent with the S & T priorities promulgated by DOST.

4. As a rule, a Balik Scientist Applicant who is a recipient of any grant (scholarship or fellowship and other similar grants) that requires him/her to come back to the country may not qualify under the two (2) programs except when such applicant holds an exchange visitor's visa (i.e. J-1 of USA) and whose training was self-solicited with no financial or service obligation with any public or private institution in the Philippines.


Download the full version of the BSP Implementing Rules and Regulations in PDF file here.