1. Science-based know-how and tools that enable the agriculture sector to raise productivity to world-class standards.
2. Innovative, cost-effective and appropriate technologies that enable MSMEs to develop and produce competitive products that meet world-class standards.
3. State-of-the-art facilities and capabilities that enable local industries to move up the value chain and attain global competitiveness.
4. PH a global leader in Information Technology - Business Process Management Services generating direct employment of 1.3 M (520,000 of which in the countryside).
5. ICT-based transformation of governance broadening access to government services (i.e. health and education) for those in the countryside (PH in the top 50 global ranking of e-government by 2016).

6. Improved quality healthcare and quality of life thru science, technology and innovation.
7. Highly skilled and globally competitive S&T human resources in support of the national S&T programs (PSHS to be the leading science high school in ASEAN by 2015 and every town to have at least one DOST scholar by 2016).
8. Science-based weather information and climate change scenarios with associated impact assessments that enable concerned agencies to develop appropriate mitigation strategies for a disaster and climate change resilient Philippines.