Name of Scientist
Acosta, Alfredo
Pediatric Surgery, Device Innovation Testing
Alejandro, Emilyn
Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders
Almazan, Leo Military Intelligence, Radio Frequency, Systems design, installation & management
Alorro, Richard
Geo-environmental Engineering
Anterola, Aldwin Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Biology, Agricultural Chemistry
Arquiza, Jose Maria Reynaldo Apollo  Molecular Biology, Nutritional Genomics
Conato, Marlon  Chemistry
Dalisay, Doralyn  Microbiology and natural products chemistry
Daria, Vincent Ricardo  Neurophotonics
De Castro, Romulo Jr. Bioinformatics, Neuroscience and Immunology
Dennis, Sheila Forensic Biology
Go, Mary Ann Optics

Habito, Cicero Matthew 

Radiology and Digital Medical Imaging
Hernandez, Manuel Jr. Mechanical Engineering/AGTS
Lozano-Kuhne, Jingky Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology
Quitain, Armando Chemical Engineering
Remoroza, Concepcion Biochemistry and Enzymology
Romero, Danilo Condensed Matter Physics, optics, materials science and optoelectronic devices
Realica, Ross M. Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Salonga, Reginald
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Salvador, Mayrose Nanotechnology
Santos-Cortez, Regie Lyn Pastor Genetic Epidemiology and Otorhinolaryngology
Talens, Angelita Plant Pathology
Velarde, Michael Aging and age-related diseases with emphasis on women's health
Tongco, Alejandro ICT, GIS


Name of Scientist Expertise
Saludes, Jonel Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Velarde, Michael Aging and age-related diseases with emphasis on women's health