Name of Scientist Expertise 
 Abenes, Fiorello Animal Science 
Abrajano, Teofilo, Jr. Earth and Environmental Science
Aguilar, Zoraida Chemistry, Nanobiosensors
Alfaro, Marolo Civil/Geotechnical Engineering
Blanche, Catalino Forestry
Cariño, Ricolindo Computer Science
Comiso, Josefino Physics, Climate Change
De Guzman, Rodolfo Meteorology
Deocaris, Custer Biochemistry, Neuroscience
Estoque, Mariano Meteorology, Geodetic Engineering
Felipe, Mihali Geology, Geophysics
Garcia, Manuel Microbiology, Food Safety
Garcia, Reynaldo Biotechnology, Molecular Biology
Hernandez, Manuel Mechanical Engineering
Holdsworth, Clovia Isabel Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis
Imperial, Julita Chemical and Structural Biology
Ison, Norberto Statistics, Computer Science
Laskowski, Maria Christina Business Development, Equity Finance
Medina, Paul Mark Molecular Biology, Biotechnology
Mendoza, Eduardo Mathematics, Systems Biology
Mendoza, Guillermo Operations Research, Geographic Information System
Quinto, Dennis Metallurgical Engineering
Reyno, Antonio Civil Engineering
Roja, Denny Intellectual Property, Patenting, Venture Capitalism
Sarigumba, Terencio Forestry
Talens, Luciano Microbiology, Virology, Immunology
Tallada, Jasper Agricultural Engineering, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Yap, Nonita Environmental Science
Name of Scientist Expertise
Amalin, Divina Crop Entomology
Chavez, Shirley Information and Communications Technology
Cruz, Jose Electrical Engineering
Montecastro, Doris Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Muñoz, Maria Nilda Pulmonary Medicine
Sacdalan, Marie Dione Colon and Rectal Surgery, Oncology